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Daily Thoughts - Wed 21st Jun 2023

Literally, some of y'all be thinking the shittiest, self loathing thoughts about yourselves, then you wonder why you feel the way you do.

Would you speak to someone else like that?

No, so fkn stop!

What if, for just today, you spoke to yourself like you loved and adored yourself. What would you say to someone you loved? Cared about? Treasured?

How would it make you feel if someone else spoke to and treated you that way?

Feels good, right?

Focus on good things. You have a car, or a job, or kids that love you, or food in your fridge, or a phone in your hand, or a roof over your head.

Someone out there in the universe would KILL for what you have.

You've done amazingly to come this far. Truly.

Be grateful, always, because experiencing what you don't want makes you think about what you do want.

Try "thank you for showing me what I don't want so I can now focus and envision what I do want", instead of wasting your time complaining about the situation. Because that's all it is. A situation.

Remember, this too shall pass.

It's only a moment. ❤️

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