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Queen of Death

A Demon's Rule: Book One

The King and Queen of Hell have been apart for almost a century, and not even The Creator will be able to help the ones that caused it.

Twin souls, Rahmirus and Serephine, were sent to earth by The Creator millenniums ago to create a world called Hell. Where souls too weak to seek the light as humans were sent to learn from their ‘mistakes’.

As more souls took residence in Hell, the more gifts Rahmirus and Serephine received from The Creator on his visits. Some of which were, six hounds as their children, two fire-stallions, and seven mages.

One mage, however, went missing after an incident that led to the King’s and Queen’s separation, and as a result, Hell has been in chaos ever since.

A century later, almost all of Hell’s realms are resting in a power-hungry Lord’s hands, strange tremors are being felt through the foundations, and the King and Queen are at risk of angering The Creator, because his next century visit is expected within months.

Still, their reunion appears to be nowhere in sight.

It seems it would take a miracle to bring them back together, or perhaps someone making a colossal mistake…

But thankfully, someone’s just about to…

Reader discretion is advised.

This series includes questionable acts and scenes that some readers may find disturbing.

A Demon's Rule Series: Recent Books
King of Death.png

King of Death

A Demon's Rule: Book Two

The twins, Queen Serephine and King Rahmirus have reconciled and tied their souls after almost a century apart, but now the race to regain control of Hell before The Creator arrives must begin.

Lord Queth has discovered a new weapon that could ensure his victory against the pair, but someone's about to break free of his realm, and the strength of their magic could put all his plans in jeopardy.

Will he be able to see them through in time to prove to The Creator he is worthy of his own world and twin, or will all of Hell discover the secrets he's been hiding and finally see him for who he truly is?

A Demon's Rule Series: Recent Books
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