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The James Pack Wolves Series
(A Paranormal Erotic Romance)


Abriya and Clarence 1.jpg

Becoming Aware
The James Pack Wolves: Book One

She was no one, but he kissed her like she was everything.
And she would be.

Abriya hates her life. She has no parents, she’s bullied at school for being different, and she has an unrelenting crush on someone that has no hope of becoming anything more than just that.
Or so she thinks…
A secret revealed on a death bed leaves her completely alone in the world soon after, but it also sucks her into an unknown one, full of fated mates, fights, lies, magic, and flaming, intense passion she never could’ve imagined existed.
But more importantly, after being made to believe she was worthless her entire life, it soon becomes quite clear that Abriya is someone special.
And so is her mate.
Thrust into a new life with no way to escape, she has to work through her issues to become the woman she was born to be. But it won’t be easy, especially when she learns that she won’t only have to deal with her own thoughts and feelings rushing through her, but someone else’s, too…
What if you could be connected to someone so deeply, you could feel them, be inside their mind, hear their every waking thought?
Jump into the James Pack Wolves to find out.
Note to reader.
This rewritten series has been previously published under the title: The Abriya & Clarence Series 1-5. This is also the first series linked to a current work titled The Alpha’s Virgin (Also titled Awakening Ariella James). If you do not like strong female characters, protective, passionate, Alpha males, or steamy scenes, this book is not for you. HEA guaranteed. No cheating.

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The James Pack Wolves: Book Two

It’s all catching up to the James’ now, but it’s about to get a whole lot worse.
And then the unthinkable happens.

With the Odinia family back and the reigning Alpha’s departure imminent, everyone is looking to Clarence to lead them.
After all, he’s the best man for the job, right?
Someone’s been telling lies and hiding secrets, but when a stranger appears to spill centuries’ worth of tea, the betrayal causes a chain reaction that leads to devastating consequences for all.
How will Abriya react when she finds out why she holds the power she does, and will she be able to keep an important promise she made to Clarence?
And if that wasn’t all bad enough, right before the school reunion, a full moon causes two members of the family to cross a very dangerous line. Will they be lucky enough to escape the repercussions, or will the loss the family suffer be the first of many more to come?
One-click now to find out.
Note to reader.
This series has been previously published under the title: The Abriya & Clarence Series 1-5. This is also the first series linked to a current work titled The Alpha’s Virgin (Also titled Awakening Ariella James). If you do not like strong female characters, protective, passionate, Alpha males, or steamy scenes, this book is not for you. A complete series. HEA guaranteed. No cheating.

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The James Pack Wolves: Book Three

Now that the Odinias are dead and the rightful Alphas have been murdered, what will become of all those left behind?
The unthinkable has happened, and not only are all survivors in shock, they’re extremely vulnerable. Marquis knows from experience that Siberian wares are unruly and savage, but will Victorio be able to get them to submit, or is more bloodshed on the cards for them all?
Victorio must establish himself as Alpha as soon as possible if he is to restore order amongst his kind, but other packs seem to have their own ideas over who should reign. Aura has also been eerily silent, too, so he’s on his own.
Or is he?
Things go from bad to worse for the family, and all seems lost, until someone makes a reappearance to cast a thousand-year-old spell. Will the good guys come out on top in the end, or will everything that’s happened really all be for nothing?
Jump into the final instalment of The James Pack Wolves to find out.

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The Complete 3 Book Series

Available now!

Ariella Book One(1).jpg

The James Pack Wolves Spin-off

(Also published on Radish Fiction as The Alpha's Virgin.)

Awakening Ariella James: Book One

Ariella’s parents are the Alphas of all werewolves. They cannot die or feel pain, they can hear each other’s thoughts, and they feel what the other does. So surely the daughter of the Alphas can't be any more special, right?


The daughter of Abriya and Clarence James is mere weeks away from her first change and twentieth birthday. She's preparing to take a month off school to learn her new skills, but suddenly her change is the last thing on her mind when she thinks she may have discovered her mate.

Davonyé's been with Carisse for almost 2 years. He worked hard to get her and treats her like a Queen. His future is mapped out and he plans to grow old with her, so why does he feel an overwhelming possessiveness and desire for a woman he barely even knows?

As Ariella and Davonyé struggle to control their feelings for one another, Aura, the Elder of werewolves, reminds Ariella of a gift she promised her 20 years ago. Not only will she become a werewolf on her twentieth birthday, she will also receive other abilities…

In addition, there is unrest in Alaska that grows more worrying by the day. Abriya is due to give birth and won’t risk losing another baby to fighting, so the rest of the family must travel there to investigate.

But what will they find?

Part one of this two-part spin-off will have you falling in love with the James’ all over again and welcoming new members into the pack.

New Ariella Book Two(1).jpg

Awakening Ariella James: Book Two

With her change behind her and her magic returning imminently, Ariella's life is about to change even more than it has already.

But is she ready?

Now that Davonyé knows exactly what he wants, he and Ariella must wait patiently for the next full moon. But with the threat to wares in Alaska threatening to disrupt the peace that Abriya & Clarence have worked tirelessly to establish, there may be certain family members in danger...

Abriya's baby is due to be born any day now, and wares all over the world eagerly await the birth. Everyone knows that one howl from her will stop Clarence's distant relative from siring wares to add to his pack.

But they need to find him first.

Ariella's magic advances at a rapid pace, and as the days go by, the more she learns and the more abilities Aura releases to her, but when the time comes for the ultimate showdown, will she be able to help all that she loves in their time of need, or will she learn that becoming an Elder is not about what she thinks is right, but about what is right for the world.

Harmony New.jpg

Taming Harmony James
A James Pack Wolves Spin-off: Book Three

Jaheim’s spent years living a life of restraint, but then he lays his eyes on Harmony, and all unravels.

Harmony James, niece of Alpha’s Abriya & Clarence, hasn’t experienced her first change yet. She’s nineteen and still a year away from her big day, but there’s nothing she’s looking forward to more.

She might be at Uni, but she lives the life of a billionaire’s daughter, bedding any man she wants and never catching feelings because she doesn’t have time for all that.

But then she meets her friend’s brother, Jaheim, and her ability to jump between the sheets with just anyone becomes impossible.

Could he be…?

Jaheim’s been living with a devastating secret for the past eight years, since his twentieth birthday. He absolutely hates what he is and having believed he was the only one of his kind, was forced to seek out coping methods to help control what he was.

He’s deep into the lifestyle now, only using submissives for his needs and never becoming attached to anyone, but all that changes when he comes face to face with Harmony, and no amount of control he may have learned over the years could ever have prepared him for her.

(This is the third and final book of the Abriya & Clarence Series Spin-offs and is NOT a standalone story)

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