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The Hybrids

The Hybrid Series: Text
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Mated To A Vampire Princess
The Hybrids
Book 1

She craves blood, he’s never tasted it. She can only eat fruits, he hunts for his food. Her venom could bring him to his knees, and a single drop of his bane could kill her.
There's no way this will work.
Or can it? 

Amarey James is the first son of alphas Abriya and Clarence. He's just changed for the first time, but he's not interested in finding his mate.
Or at least he wasn't until the visions of her began. 
The scent of the blurry woman in his dreams becomes so disruptive to his daily life, he has no choice but to ask his sister Ariella what's going on.
But what she tells him will blow his entire world apart. 
Princess Karrisee is the first daughter of Queen Vallessa and King Scarva Caro, rulers of the entire kratius. She's desperate for love but can't ever seem to find it, no matter what she tries.
So, with a little advice from the Queens in her life, she decides to work on herself for a while, but she soon becomes distracted when her dreams are plagued with her deepest darkest fantasies. She's always been curious of the beasts in the world, but afraid of becoming a traitor to her own kind, it's a secret she's kept fiercely guarded.
But when faced with the opportunity to meet one in the flesh, she jumps at the chance, and so begins the wildest journey she ever could've imagined.

Note to reader: This is not a standalone series. If you would like to read this story, you are advised to check the reading order.

The Hybrid Series: Latest Work
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Mated To A Vampire Princess
The Hybrids
Book 2

Amarey has discovered his howl of submission, and Karrisee now has full use of her noir magic, but news has also spread of what happened at the football game.

Which means the alphas know that their son has been mated to a vampire.

News has spread like wildfire through the holds following the fight involving Amarey and Karrisee, but unfortunately, although mates finding union is a werewolf’s number one priority, this time, it’s different.

As time ticks down to the confrontation between the powerhouses that rule the world and the kratius, the two lovers discuss all that happened and what will happen now that everyone knows.

The one question left is, how will they be received?

In an attempt to make peace, Queen Vallessa has planned a gift for Abriya, but she needs something from her first.

Will Abriya follow her heart or her head, and how will she react when faced with a situation she never thought would be possible?

Note to reader: This is not a standalone series. If you would like to read this story, you are advised to check the reading order at the beginning of the book or begin with the James Pack Wolves series.

The Hybrid Series: Latest Work
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Mated To A Vampire Princess
The Hybrids
Book 3

Full moons are so beautiful, aren't they? Until magic and shifting meet in the land of lust, resulting in disastrous consequences for more than just those involved.

Princess Karrisee and Amarey lost complete control during the last full moon, and because of someone plotting behind the scenes, there may be a baby on the way.

Now the question on everyone's lips is, will a werewolf and vampire baby be compatible with life?

Ariella and Queen Vallessa have been blocked from seeing the future, leaving them worried and confused, but someone else has been blocked from the details too, which could have even bigger implications...

Queen Vallessa and Candessa must now turn their focus to bringing two others back from the dead so that hybrids can emerge.

But with no visions of the future anymore and no guarantees, will the spell work, and if it doesn’t, what will be the consequences?

The Hybrid Series: Latest Work
Copy of Hybrids 3.png

Mated To A Vampire Princess
The Hybrids
Book 4 - The Finale

Trapped in ice, Karrisee and Amarey are now making their final transition into hybrids.

So now, all everyone can do is wait.

The men have all found their mates, and Roman and Andreas only have their shifts to make it through. However, one of their changes are going to be a little different, and a lot like Abriya’s and Clarence’s…

As everyone waits for the first hybrids to emerge, work is done by all others behind the scenes to reassure the werewolves, and to make announcements. Worry soon sets in from all though, when Karrisee and Amarey take a lot longer to wake up than previously thought.

If or when they do return, will the two new world rulers be able to create the peaceful world they have dreamt of and set werewolves free, and more importantly, will everyone who has made it this far get their happily ever after?

Only time will tell...

The Hybrid Series: Latest Work
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