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Daily Thoughts - Thurs 22nd Jun 2023

They say, once you've learned the lesson of your pain and found a way to harness it, whether that's to help others with the knowledge or to better yourself, the pain will stop.

And I agree.

All I've experienced has taught, helped, or caused me to grow in some way. From losing my daughter, to the end of my marriage, to the friends I've lost, to anxiety, depression, being bullied as a child, child abuse, sexual assault, there has always been something I've learnt. Whether that's setting boundaries, standing up for myself, learning patience, seeing my self worth, learning to love myself, whatever it may be.

But until I actually looked back to figure out why I was still suffering because of what happened, I didn't learn from it.

So learn the lessons and then be free.

There is no greater gift to yourself than freeing yourself from the past.

Besides, it happened, and you can't change it, so why torture yourself by reliving it every day? Why not see what you could gain from it instead?

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