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Audio Books Narrated by Jordan Frazier


White Boyfriend: An absolutely heart-warming feel-good romantic comedy

If you can’t love yourself, how are you going to love somebody else? A sweet, funny, feel-good page-turner about getting your groove back.

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Audio Books Narrated by Erikka Nelson


The Perfect Waters: Book One

A Prince, a thousand-year-old Blue Whale, and a race against time to find the single most important thing to the waters' survival.

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The Perfect Waters: Book Two

Is love really the only thing O'Asia needs to save the waters? Or, is that just the tip of the iceberg?

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The Perfect Waters: Book Three

The time to enter the dark waters has come.
But who will venture there, and who will make it out alive?

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Erikka The Narrator

Liquid Art For The Ears

Erikka Nelson’s journey in life began in Holly Springs, North Carolina. Although she was born in the south, she was raised in Hempstead, Long Island in New York. It was there at the age of eleven where her love for reading turned into a passion. As the first born of a single parent, Erikka found it easy to navigate around her mother’s extensive book collection. It wasn’t until later in life that Nelson learned she had a unique speaking voice. During a random discussion, a friend suggested that with Erikka’s calming voice, coupled with her passion for reading, would make a great narration for audio books. Within months, Erikka found herself narrating and editing a three part, urban paranormal series for an author named LeeSha McCoy of Great Britain. Her follow-up projects would include producing an audio book for author Ty Marshall, and editing for other narrators and artists. Erikka has spent most of her life in manufacturing, but now she is her own boss of her new company Erikka The Narrator LLC and has since been fully booked with producing “Liquid Art For The Ears.”

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