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Zombies Rule The World Series

A Reverse Harem Romance

Love For My Zombie Kings.jpg

Love for my Zombie Kings

A Reverse Harem Novella

Zombies Rule the World: Book One

Five dead brothers want me, and I plan to keep them all.

The dead took over the night a year ago, bringing with them terror beyond our wildest dreams. As a scientist and a specialist in DNA, I've been in the thick of it since the very beginning.

Now, however, a new type of zombie has emerged.

They've called it a Zed-Two.

It's stronger, faster, but most importantly, part human. It can shift from human to zombie in the blink of an eye, but also eat half a body in about twice that time.

One was captured, but it escaped. Now my lab seems to have gotten their claws into one.

And I'm the reason why.

He twists shit inside my mind.

The things he can do and the things he makes me feel through the glass...

Then one of his brothers gets himself captured, too.

And all hell breaks loose.

This book features five gorgeous men who fiercely love one woman.
18+ Not intended for readers who do not enjoy a steaming hot good time.

This book was previously published in the Infectious Affections Anthology.

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Babies for my Zombie Kings

A Reverse Harem Romance

Zombies Rule the World Series: Book Two

I belong to five dead brothers, and they belong to me.

The six of us are connected now, in ways you couldn't imagine. They're not just constantly inside my head with their thoughts and feelings, they're inside me.

And although I'm kinda dead like them, I've never felt more alive.

I must be crazy, insane even, but I've fallen hard for my five zombie kings. I'm in love with Thorn, Blade, Dagger, Axe, and Pin, and I'm going to have their babies.

Lots of them.

Being like them has changed my life, but I know my work as a scientist isn't done. Far from. There are many things we need to figure out before the first of our young makes their arrival...

The world isn't ready for us, so I know things won't be easy. But soon, I don't think anyone will have a choice.
Especially after a few people wake up changed from my bites.

One of them being my ex-best friend.

This book features five gorgeous men who fiercely love one woman.
18+ Not intended for readers who do not enjoy sex.

Zombies Rule the World Series: Work
Zombies three cover.jpg

The World for my Zombie Kings

A Reverse Harem Romance

Zombies Rule the World: Book Three

I used my mind to kill hundreds of the dead that my three-year-olds gathered in our back garden.

Now, I have to tell their dads.

My Kings have been bitten and now sleep peacefully while their minds and bodies strengthen. I miss them more than words could ever express, but in a matter of days, they’ll awaken.

Then we’ll all be the same.

More babies are coming, but I don’t think it will be long before the urge to have more will leave us all. Then we’ll have to wait two years while our children grow into adults, and in the meantime, watch the world become a shadow of what we once knew.

We’re almost certain it will be us to end the problem the entire world faces, but together, I know we’ll be strong enough to face anything.

And when that time does come, I’ll stop at nothing to make sure we all get back home unscathed.

But not before anyone who has ever hurt us is dead.

This book features five gorgeous men who fiercely love one woman.
18+ Not intended for readers who do not enjoy sex.


Falling For A Zombie Princess

A Paranormal Zombie Romance

Zombies Rule the World Series: Book Four

Falling for a Zombie Princess

Unlike the rest of Zombie Royalty, Raeni Clarke hasn’t revealed her identity to the world, so when she rocks up at Gower College, ready to start her new, ‘normal’ life, she’s not expecting to be recognised by anyone.

But someone knows who she is.

There’s no mistaking the haunting eyes of Zombie_Royalty_Princess01.



The moment she stepped foot in my English class, I knew who she was.

Those captivating eyes only caught mine for the briefest of seconds, but even that was enough to shift my focus from dance, to her.

The entire world knows what the Clarke family did for us, and their protected status reminds everyone of the laws they had made demanding everyone leave them be.

But screw the law and her attempts to avoid me.

I can’t leave her alone.



Camr’yn’s figured out who I am, but even though he hasn’t outed me, I still avoid him.

I have to, at least until I can figure out if I can trust him.

I thought being human would make my life easier, but if anything, things are even harder, and more complicated.

But maybe this voice I keep hearing inside my head will help me figure things out…

Zombies Rule the World Series: Work

Thirstin' for the Love of a Zombie Prince

A Paranormal Zombie Romance

Thirstin' for the Love of a Zombie Prince.jpg

What will happen when the confident Jaden, the eldest Royalty brother, meets the insecure girl who’s spent her entire life hiding herself away?​



I've been a follower of Jaden's since he appeared on TikTok, but nothing could've prepared me for the moment I saw him in real life for the first time.

The boy is fine, but it’s not just his looks that have me feeling a way now.

There's something else, something deeper, something I can't explain.

I just need to get over this excruciating shyness so I can actually talk to him...



I was hooked the moment she walked into the cafeteria, wearing mom jeans and an oversized hoody, making every other girl I'd seen before her look basic.

She was different, and she made me feel different; like something in her soul had gripped mine fiercely.

But my family's a mess and my abilities are weakening, so I need to be careful.

If I can…

Caught up with a Bad Zombie Princess

A Paranormal Zombie Romance

Caught Up with a Bad Zombie Princess-2.jpg

Paris has spent months in agony because of Jasera’s refusal to face his truth, but with a drastic turn of the tables, all that suffering is about to trade places…

After months of waiting, longing, and hoping for her ‘person’ to see her, Paris realises that she has no other option but to focus on herself. And with the help of cut-throat Violet, she quickly does.

However, the skills Jaden and Raeni teach Paris to help her cope end up going too far, and it soon becomes clear that she may need help reversing the damage that’s been done…

Jasera, now seeing Paris’ name everywhere he turns, finally has no choice but to face the truth of how he feels about her, even if that means being disowned by his family and losing friends he’s been loyal to for years.

But will Jasera be able to convince Paris that things are different now? And if he can, will it be before the urges and strange behaviours start, and the family is rocked by an ominous warning from Raeni?

The one in her gut telling her that something is coming…

Saved by a Zombie Prince

A Paranormal Zombie Romance

Zombie Book Template.png

Coming July 2024

Zombies Rule the World Series: Work
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