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The Roadman Series
A London Street Romance

UK Urban Romance

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The Roadman: Book One

London has never been the safest place to live or work, but lately, the violence has reached an all-time high. And that's where the trouble started...

When it comes to ink, Layla is the hottest name around. She owns her own tattoo studio where customers wait months for an appointment. She's been fed up with the fighting and crime around the studio for months now, but her brother ran a crew so she knows all too well what that kind of life is like.

It's late when Layla locks up her studio that night... She heads to the car park but walks straight into an altercation between two rival gangs. Shots fire and she runs... Only to be pulled to the ground by a shadowy figure.

When it comes to the road, no one's name is more feared than Jackson's. After years of running the streets, he's determined to leave that life behind. He's making moves onto more legit things and although he carries a certain type of name on the road, Layla soon realises that you can't believe everything you hear.

The trouble in Layla's life quickly intensifies, but now it's not just around her studio, it's up close and personal. She knows that she should stay as far away from it as possible but her heart just won't let her.

Can two people from completely different walks of life make it? Or will the streets find a way to come between them for good?

The Roadman Series: Recent Books
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The Roadman: Book Two

After being charged with violent conduct and sentenced to four years in prison, Neymar cuts Layla off, which leaves her heartbroken, desperate, and alone.

She tries everything she can to get Neymar to respond but all that comes is silence, so as much as she doesn't want to, she's forced to move on. After a dark few months, she bans everyone around her from talking about Jackson and manages to get her life back on track.

Derrick is sexy, successful, and something very different. Initially, she uses him to get over Neymar, but as time passes, they fall in love and Layla couldn't be happier. Her friends are having babies and settling down, though, and she just wants the same thing, but unfortunately for Layla, things aren't happening for her as soon as she'd like.

Eve is still loved up with Jay, and on a night out, she tells Layla something that will throw her life into chaos all over again. She finds herself without anyone to talk to when everyone is suddenly taking sides. It doesn't help that no one in Layla's life seems to like her new man.

But why?

Confused and with no one to talk to, Layla is left vulnerable when Derrick has to go away for six months on business. What will she do when something she wanted so desperately two years ago could now come so easily? Will she stay loyal to her new man, or will an awakened fire within her be too hard to ignore?

The Roadman Series: Recent Books
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