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The Perfect Waters Series


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The Perfect Waters: Book One

A Prince, a thousand-year-old Blue Whale, and a race against time to find the single most important thing to the waters' survival.

For the waters to be perfect, an Odessa must connect to all life within them, and if the reigning Odessa loses her life, her sorcery is always passed to her first-born daughter.

Only, the daughter the waters know of, is not the first.

Asia's mother went missing eighteen years ago, and since then, Asia has feared the one thing she always dreamt of working with.

The ocean.

So instead, she's been living life as a lab tech. She doesn't exactly love her job, but it pays the bills and she has money to spend on nights out with her girls. However, her most recent night out ends up with her gaining markings on her skin and losing body parts...

Prince Zale is son to Emperor Ecthelion and Empress Océane. They rule Ocêllus, also known as the Royal Waters. News quickly arrives of O'Marilla's murder, and then the waters become a state of panic.

Darya, the daughter of O'Marilla, arrives in Ocêllus to take her position as Odessa, but unawares to anyone, she is not the first-born daughter.

A single member of royalty and Priestess Noelani are always pulled to the next Odessa, but so are the murky sea witches who use hounds to do their dirty work. So, with a woman up on land unawares to how important she is, the hunt for her begins before she gets into the wrong hands.

Who will find her first? And will Asia be able to find the one thing she needs in order to claim her sorcery so she can make the waters perfect again?

The Perfect Waters Series: Recent Books
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The Perfect Waters: Book Two

Is love really the only thing O'Asia needs to save the waters? Or is that just the tip of the iceberg?

O'Asia and Zale need to fall in love, but they're currently surrounded by angry guards ready to uphold the law.

Can Odessa succeed in protecting them both?

With Emperor Seera now back in open waters, they quickly become more dangerous for one merm in particular, and O'Asia soon realises that the Prince and his love aren't the only things she needs to protect them all...

As secrets are uncovered, characters are put to the ultimate test, and it becomes apparent that what they all want and what the water needs, is two completely different things.

What was once seen as the enemy, must now become the ally, and what once appeared black and white, now clearly isn't.

As unlikely partnerships are made and the waters move closer to being truly free, all rests first on O'Asia grasping her advanced sorcery.

But will she succeed in time? And what other abilities will she uncover within herself that will help her on her quest to make the waters perfect again.

Reader note: Please be aware that LeeSha McCoy is an Urban Fiction Writer, and this series is an African American Urban Paranormal Romance. Therefore, some of the vernacular used may be different to what you are familiar with. Reader discretion is advised.

The Perfect Waters Series: Recent Books
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The Perfect Waters: Book Three

The time to enter the dark waters has come.

But who will venture there, and who will make it out alive?

Currently in Lýon, O’Asia and Prince Zale are oblivious to the dragonfish attack on the hounds. Until the waters arrive carrying a terrifying scream that sends Odessa and Royalty into panic.

Will O’Asia get to them before any lives are lost, and more importantly, what will the consequences of it be going forward?
So far, Calder appears immune to all Odessa’s attempts to build their relationship, but with loyalties being laid by others and O’Asia unwilling to give up, his walls may be just a little too hard to keep up.

And the ultimate question this time around is, amongst the secrets, revelations, and the heartbreaks, can the waters be perfect again?

The Perfect Waters Series: Recent Books
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The Perfect Waters: Contaminated Waters
Book One

Twenty-five years ago, Princess Odessa and her beloved hounds saved the waters from an evil that had them gripped in fear for centuries, and they've been perfect ever since.

Until now.

With her three grown children returning to the waters, it's an exciting time for all, but their happiness is short lived when an unknown substance begins to threaten their very existence.

With the help of her family, O'Asia must now work to get to the bottom of what's trying to harm them, but can they do it alone, or will they need the help of an all-seeing, all-knowing woman up on land?

You'll have to read it to find out…

The Perfect Waters Series: Recent Books
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The Perfect Waters: Contaminated Waters
Book Two

How will the entire world cope when the water they need to survive is snatched away from them?

Noelani’s friend and Elder, Aura, has revealed herself and confirmed that the waters are indeed under threat. Now O'Asia must find a way to keep out the humans and their harmful substances, but if she does, will she actually be able to go through with it?

With the risk of the waters being closed to everyone above land threatening, Hali and Michael might be separated once again.

However, could the distance from one another be the best thing to happen to the pair?

With more twists and turns on the horizon, a surprise pregnancy in the mix, and the imminent threat to everyone’s survival, will everyone reach their happily ever after in this final installment of The Perfect Waters?

You’ll have to read it to find out.

The Perfect Waters Series: Recent Books
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