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Newest Release by LeeSha McCoy

Released November 6th 2023

Thirstin' for the Love of a Zombie Prince.jpg

Thirstin' for the Love of a Zombie Prince

Zombie's Rule the World Series

Book 5

What will happen when the confident Jaden, the eldest Royalty brother, meets the insecure girl who’s spent her entire life hiding herself away?​



I've been a follower of Jaden's since he appeared on TikTok, but nothing could've prepared me for the moment I saw him in real life for the first time.

The boy is fine, but it’s not just his looks that have me feeling a way now.

There's something else, something deeper, something I can't explain.

I just need to get over this excruciating shyness so I can actually talk to him...



I was hooked the moment she walked into the cafeteria, wearing mom jeans and an oversized hoody, making every other girl I'd seen before her look basic.

She was different, and she made me feel different; like something in her soul had gripped mine fiercely.

But my family's a mess and my abilities are weakening, so I need to be careful.

If I can…

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Last Release by LeeSha McCoy

Released July 2nd 2023

King of Death.png

King of Death 

A Demon's Rule: Book Two (Finale)

A Dark Paranormal Romance

The twins, Queen Serephine and King Rahmirus have reconciled and tied their souls after almost a century apart, but now the race to regain control of Hell before The Creator arrives must begin.


Lord Queth has discovered a new weapon that could ensure his victory against the pair, but someone's about to break free of his realm, and the strength of their magic could put all his plans in jeopardy.


Will he be able to see them through in time to prove to The Creator he is worthy of his own world and twin, or will all of Hell discover the secrets he's been hiding and finally see him for who he truly is?


Reader discretion is advised.

This series includes questionable acts and scenes that some readers may find disturbing.

Latest Releases!: Recent Books

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