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Captured Love

A Dark Urban Romance

Lovette & Drake: Book One

Can two kids, bound by a shared history of trauma, grow up to have the life they always dreamed of?

Meeting as children when they were placed in the same foster home in London, Lovette and Drake quickly discovered they had a lot more in common than just being orphans.

Realising both their parents had been murdered, they secretly planned their revenge, with Drake vowing to murder his mum's killer, and Lovette hoping to become a Secret Agent.

But as the years pass and they both grow older, they’re separated from each other more than once. The final time being when Lovette leaves Drake to find her own parents’ killers—even when he begs her not to go alone.

When the two beat the odds to find each other again, will Lovette still be the same? Or have the secrets she uncovered while seeking her vengeance, all but destroyed her?

Lovette & Drake Series - Dark Urban Romance: Recent Books

Releasing May 28th 2022

Captured Love Book Two-4.jpg

Boundless Love

A Dark Urban Romance

Lovette & Drake: Book Two

Lovette’s free and finally back in the safety of Drake’s arms, but the pair are far from out of danger’s way.

After helping Lovette through her alcohol addiction and resulting trauma from her five years hunting down her parents’ killers, Drake proposed, and Lovette said yes.

But before the pair can finally have the life they deserve, they’ll need to get to the bottom of the shadiness that’s been going on right under Drake’s nose.

There has already been one murder, and before there’s another, Lovette needs to get to work once again to save not only Drake’s life, but her own.

Lovette & Drake Series - Dark Urban Romance: Recent Books
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