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Romantic Standalones

Straight Romance

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Near But Yet So Far
A Billionaire Romance

A secret crush, a damaged heroine, and the hero that won’t take no for an answer.

When you’ve changed who you are for a man in the past, it’s easy to doubt whether you’ll ever be accepted for yourself. But good men do exist, and even though it’s hard to find real love you must take chances.

Miah hasn’t realised that a past traumatic relationship has been ruining all her efforts to start over. She always has an excuse as to why it can’t work out, but it takes blunt words from her best friend to make her see her trend.

She runs her own beauticians and is successful in her own right. She knows what it’s like to hate what you see when you look in the mirror, so she focuses all her time on making others feel good about themselves.

But Miah wants love, and not from just anyone. She’s been secretly spying on her neighbour for years, but even after all this time, she’s still no closer to speaking to him.

A dare is made and swiftly accepted, but before she gets a chance to put her plan into action, a business decision brings her face-to-face with the man of her dreams – literally.

Nathan knows Miah’s been watching him; he first saw her six months ago. He’s looking for his own happily ever after, but will Miah’s constant attempts to break up with him become too much for him to take?

What will happen when Miah's past reappears in the most horrific way possible? Will Miah survive, is the question, and will Nathan still feel the same?

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You Can't Run From Love

A Second Chance Sports Romance

The Resisting Love Series

Book One

How can you love someone when you've forgotten how to love yourself?

Jamayla Grey had everything she ever dreamt of. Fitness, success... love, but after being tripped by a competitor and injured, she lost two of those things and threw the last away.

Now, six months later, she’s fully recovered physically but the mental scars still plague her mind. She needs to get it together soon, though, because she barely scraped through her last competition.

So, as her life at university begins, she sets herself three rules. Train hard, win every race, and don’t think about him.

But on the very first day, one of those rules is smashed to pieces, and she soon realises that no matter how hard you try, you can’t run from love.

Romantic Standalones: Recent Books
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