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Daily Thoughts - Tue 20th June 2023

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

When someone offers you a solution, do you reply with nothing but buts? Do you vividly relive the experiences and then cling tightly to the reasons why you can't change? Do you still feel the emotions of what happened and let them fuck up your entire day? Do you then take that bad mood out on others? Then comes the guilt...

That's living in the past. That's telling you that something within the experience still needs healing. That's not feeling your feelings and then loving yourself through it. That's a chance for growth. It means you're attached to something and are now fighting to keep that trauma alive, because you've identified with it and made it a part of who you are.

But you are not your trauma.

Remember, forgiveness is ONLY for you, because you deserve to let shit go and not be hurt by it anymore.

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