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Paranormal Standalones


Kissed by Dragon Fire

A Paranormal Romance

Have you ever been touched by fire?

I have.

And it kissed me.

Twenty-five-year-old Shula has spent years studying dragons, and now she’s secured a place on her first expedition to track down jadeclaw eggs.

But emerald-coloured eggs aren’t all she finds.

After running for her life to escape a fiery beast intent on incinerating everything in his path, the aircraft sent to rescue her is burnt to ash, bringing her face to face with a breed of dragon that’s supposed to be extinct.

A maykhaw.

Recurring dreams have plagued Shula for years. Once she read about the lost daughter of the Kahli clan, she became obsessed with the tragic tale.

But are her dreams of the black and red dragons just a result of her fascination with the once royal beings, or could they be her memories?

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Paranormal Standalones

The Cursed Towers.jpg

The Cursed Towers

A Twisted Rapunzel Retelling

“The moon is nothing without his sun, just as she is nothing without her moon...”

He’s a stranger, but by the time I wake tomorrow, my entire universe will revolve around him and the moon he’ll command.
Snatched from our mothers’ arms a decade ago, I can still remember the hate in his eyes, as if he blamed me for what was happening to us.
His angry, midnight eyes.
That was the first and last time I saw the future moon guardian, but I’ve spent endless days watching his tower from mine, wondering if he’s taken all of this as seriously as I have.
Wondering if he’s still angry.
Now, after years of training, listening to every word Lucia’s told me about the curse that holds us here, learning about my importance to the world, to him, I’m ready to take my place as sun guardian.
But nothing at all could’ve prepared me for what was to come.
Least of all for the moment he’d climb through my tower window.

Paranormal Standalones: Recent Books
Faith Over Fear-4.png

Faith Over Fear

An Uplifting Paranormal Short Story

In a time where the dark has consumed the light, can faith, courage, and a single act of selflessness prevail in changing the world?

Magdalena has no idea, but she's been called to try.

Healers, also known as lightworkers, have long been cast out by society. Misunderstood and labelled evil along with those that truly are, they’ve been forced into hiding to stay alive.

Unable to see a way out of their living hell, Magdalena’s people have lost not only their faith, but access to their higher selves and sense of purpose.

Their guides no longer speak to them, their healing abilities have weakened, and slowly but surely, darkness and fear has consumed their light.

But just as all hope seems lost, Magdalena’s unwavering faith prevails, and once her guides give her a mission, she decides to follow the calling.

The only thing now is, will she succeed?

Note to reader: This story was previously published in the Still Rising boxed set.​

Paranormal Standalones: Recent Books
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