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About Karmen Kane

Hot, dirty, & Erotic Contemporary Romances

The alter ego of LeeSha McCoy. Where fantasies are brought to life, panties get drenched, dicks get hard, and nothing is off limits.

Books under Karman Kane are for the Mature Kings and Queens who like a little more steam to their reads.


Read at your own risk.

Candlelit Wine
Karmen Kane - Erotic Romance Author: About

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Ruining Him In Lockdown

Love Under Lockdown Series: Book 13

He hates me, but I hate him more.

Cory has always been the world’s biggest prick. He ruined my life at Uni, year after year, and although four years have passed since then, I still can’t escape my best friend’s adopted brother.

But secretly, amongst all the hate, there have been times I’ve felt more for the gorgeous idiot. Still, I'd never ever choose to spend time with him.

Least of all alone.

But after the entire country is flooded, I’m forced to.

And what he says to me? Well, it changes everything.

Book 13 of the Love Under Lockdown Series by your favorite erotic and erotic romance authors.

Intended for adult readers only. A fan may be required.

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Just An Escort

A Fiery Erotic Romance

Could it ever be anything more?

Moody billionaire meets feisty cam girl.

With her box of magic tricks, Sacha can get you off in record time. Her specialities range from rubber, to humiliation, to any other kink. In her industry, nothing is off limits.

But maybe for some, it is.

Tired of being a loner, she decides to try something new. Lies come easy to Sacha, so escorting should be a walk in the park, shouldn't it?

Enter Alex. But is that really his name?

He's obscenely rich, gorgeous, but more than anything, he's moody-as-hell. He needs Sacha's charm for his own financial gain, but the strange rules she goes by are even more alluring.

Alex quickly breaks one rule and after the first taste, he's determined to break them all.

But when things get complicated, can Sacha break the one habit that risks losing her everything, and will they be able to stop arguing long enough to see what's right in front of them?

A standalone romance.

Karmen Kane - Erotic Romance Author: Latest Work
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