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The Letter Chronicles

Urban Romance


Dear Destiny

They say true love can heal all wounds, but can it heal the deepest, most heartbreaking of them?

Destiny and Tayn grew up together and bonded over their shared love of music. They battled, encouraged, and supported one another, but because Tayn was Destiny's brother's boy, they always kept it friendly.

Until one night their true feelings got the better of them.

Fast forward five years and Destiny is now a successful music producer. She's engaged to Marcus and they have a one-month-old son, but he's gravely unwell and after tests, Destiny finds out she might be the reason why.

Tayn is now a multi-platinum selling rapper. He's with someone, but he's never settled down. He's still tight with Quis, so when he hears the news of Lamar's condition, he decides to reach out to Destiny.

Destiny's life takes a tragic turn and self-harm and blame becomes her torture of choice. She pushes everyone in her life away, but can Tayn find a way through her defences and manage to stop her self-destruction before she takes things too far?

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Dear Cherish

Cherish had dreamt about being with Quis—her best friend’s brother—for years, so when one thing led to another in the Maldives, after Destiny’s wedding, she was living the dream.

Until Quis said it was a mistake.

After the rejection and heartbreak, Cherry does what she does best; pick up the broken pieces of herself and carry on. However, after Lamar passed, she promised herself that she’d finally work through the lasting effects of the mental abuse she suffered as a child; the abuse suffered at the hands of her father.

Six months later, Cherry’s living her best life. She’s learnt to love herself, has a new job and a new man, but when a family event she can’t get out of forces her to come face to face with Quis again, the intense chemistry between the two doesn’t go unnoticed.

By anyone.

Quis knows he screwed up with Cherry; his determination to make things work with Eboni had blinded him for years, but now, with months of therapy for his own childhood abuse behind him, and missing the one person that was there through the darkest time of his life, he’s seeing everything clearer than he ever has, and more importantly, feeling things he didn’t feel before.

But Cherry is known for her smart mouth and fiery nature, whereas Quis is known to be moody and volatile, so will the two of them be able to at least find a common ground, or will their anger send everything spiralling out of control?

This book is linked to Dear Destiny: The Letter Chronicles, but it is written as a standalone. This book also contains graphic sexual descriptions, frequent explicit language, and mentions of abuse.

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Dear Royalty

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