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Happily Ever After Christmas Chronicles

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A Christmas Wish: Santa & His Candy Cane

Chronicle One

Every holiday season–since she turned twenty–Candy's wished for the one thing she can't have.

A baby.

Candy's always had a sleigh load of love to give, but she's infertile and gave up on her dream of being a mother a long time ago.

That doesn't get bubbly, upbeat Candy down, though. No, no, no. She fosters instead, in hopes that one child may need her for just a little longer.

Unfortunately though, in all her six years of opening her home and heart to a whole age range of vulnerable children and teens, none have needed her longer than a few months.

And now, with no placements for her, she's devastated to find out that she'll be alone for the entire holiday.

But this is Christmas, right? So surely they'll be lots of things happening to keep her busy. And besides, Candy lives for this time of year, so when she hears of a volunteering position to guarantee Christmas cheer to kids all over the world, she quickly jumps at the opportunity.

So she arrives in Lapland, ready to wrap her heart out, desperate for even a glimpse of the big man himself, but she's quickly side-tracked by another volunteer there; and damn, isn't he a whole Christmas hamper of decadent dark chocolate.

Nicho loves Christmas even more than Candy does, and just with that fact alone, she's instantly smitten. But the more time she spends with him, the more she realises how one of a kind he is...

When she sees a shooting star in amongst the magical Northern Lights, what will Candy wish for this time? Will she wish for a baby, or will her wish be for something else entirely?

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Fairy Love: A Magical Holiday Tale

Chronicle Two

Stargazer fairy, Star, lives to bring love, light, and healing to everyone around her, but when she finds someone who is desperate to give the same to her, can she accept it?
Or will she push it away?

New to the winter forest, Stargazer fairy, Star, was rescued after the city she resided in was ravaged by fire. However, heartbreakingly, her family didn’t make it, but after the help of others around her, she’s finally managed to heal her heart.
And just in time, it seems, because it’s Christmas—her forest’s favourite time of year. They also have visitors from another forest, which is how she meets King Azaire.

When forced on a trip together, King Azaire decides to help Star, and her abilities begin to strengthen. Some things about her don’t add up, though, so he decides to take her to the fairies’ Wise Mother for answers.

But someone is far from ready to learn what they are told.

Will Star run from what her heart truly desires, or can she find a way to work through her fears so she can have her happily ever after?

Happily Ever After Christmas Chronicles: Recent Books
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