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Official Website of LeeSha McCoy

Mother. Author. Wellness Speaker.

Reiki Healer.

Lover of Music. Believer of Romance.

Healing the World One Book at a Time.

Promoting Black Love in all its forms.

LeeSha McCoy is the author of all things African American Romance. She released her first book in 2012 and currently writes African American Urban Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romantic Comedy, and Steamy Contemporary Romance under the pen name Karmen Kane.


With over 40 books published to date, representation is important to her, so you will always find positive representations of black men and women in her books, with a focus on family bonds, growth, and above all, strong fiery heroines and the heroes that love the hell out of them for it.

Writing novels that make her readers 'feel' is her mission; she does not just write stories to be read, but for her readers to experience. As someone who has lived through many up and downs in her personal life, she uses those experiences in all of her stories, priding herself on the realism in her work, regardless of genre.


She began writing in the late 90's, although it was mostly song lyrics she wrote to escape her loneliness. As one of only a handful of bi-racial children living in her small hometown of Banbury, she struggled to make friends and to be accepted, so she spent most of her childhood alone.


She currently lives in England, but her family is spread all across the United States, including the states of Baltimore, Colorado, and Texas.


As a mother to four beautiful children, she spends her spare time caring for her family, helping others discover self-love through her wellness blog & social media, binge reading dirty romances, or watching food review shows on YouTube.


Note to readers:

The Alpha's Virgin & Hunger for You, (Published on Radish Fiction and iReader but available on Amazon as the Awakening Ariella James & Taming Harmony books) are an Urban Romance, which is written in a different style to other genres. It is also a spin-off to a series titled The James Pack Wolves. It is also linked to her Vampire series titled: The Kratius Series, and her Hybrid Series.

Check the Reading Order tab for more information.

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"Don't be scared to be different, ever. Set the trend, don't follow the trend."

- LeeSha McCoy

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